The Bite2Lite Flashlight Enters Its 2nd Year Of Production

the bite to light flashlight bite2lite

January 2017 marked the second year of production and sales for the Bite2Lite Flashlight.   The first year is considered to be a resounding success by all of those involved.

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What’s Next?

the bite to light flashlight bite2lite
New features for the 2nd generation Bite2Lite Flashlight include a break away lanyard, a brighter light, easier to use ON/OFF switch, easier to squeeze, and lanyard “lash backs”.

The Bite2Lite “Pro” Flashlight has already been introduced on a local level (Michigan) and production is starting to reach the point where it can be introduced to the masses. will be the first introduction of the new and improved Bite2Lite Flashlight – The Pro model.

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New Bite2Lite “Pro” Flashlight Features

Break-Away Lanyard

One of the new features (requested by our fans and customers) in this new and improved model include a “break-away” lanyard  – especially important to all of the technicians, mechanics, and children out there.

Lanyard Lashbacks

Another feature is the lanyard “tie backs” or “lashbacks”.  These help keep the leading edge of the lanyard out of the way of the light.

Brighter Light

We’ve made the new Bite2Lite Pro with a light that is nearly twice as bright as the original model.

Easier To Switch On

We’ve made the flashlight switch easier to Switch On and we’ve made it so it has a Lighted Switch (when you squeeze the flashlight).

Talo Industries is committed to bringing continuous improvements to all of our products and we thank our customers, family, and friends for the insight, feedback, constructive criticism, and support as we continue to work hard on improving the world, one product at a time.